laser2Our Vertek Laser QC Gage gives us more ability to accurately measure requirements and hold quality to a higher standard as well as increasing the capabilities of our shop.

Vertek Laser QC Gage:

  • First Article Inspection Reporting, generating dimensional reports for future reference and tracability.
  • Reverse Engineering option with the ability to generate CAD compatible .dxf files.
  • SPC Functions perform X Bar / Range charts, Histograms, and Run Charts

Our Digital Micro Height allow us to increase the amount of SPC tracking on repetitive part numbers in efforts to achieve a more capable process.

quality-control-2ENGAGE & INSITE SOFTWARE – Enables us to produce auditable calibration reports as well as gives us the ability to schedule and perform the required calibration of equipment and measuring devices used in production.

We provide a full services suite of CNC laser cutting, punching, forming, shearing, insertion, welding and assembly equipment for our customers in the commerical, military and aerospace communities.